St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School

P. O. BOX 113, Kituri, Mwanga District, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

The school provides facilities for a number of co-curricular activities designed as Talent Search Programmes. These activities are meant to develop communication abilities and perceptual skills apart from proper utilization of leisure. It also gives to the students an experience of fellowship and mutual-aid, which are essential ingredients of a well balanced personality. Student participation in most of these activities is compulsory.

List of Activities:

  1.    Dramatics (English, Ki Swahili)
  2.    Public Speaking (English, Ki Swahili)
  3.    Hand-Writing competition
  4.    Essay Writing
  5.    Story Telling
  6.    Debate and Elocution
  7.    Quiz
  8.    Gardening
  9.    Self-Reliance programmes
10.    Paper Craft
11.    Various Clubs
12.    Scouts
13.    School Band

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St Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School
P.O.BOX 113, Mwanga District
Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
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