Admission Procedure

Admission of new students for Form I are made every year on the basis of oral and written tests in the beginning of the academic session.
The admission procedure, in detail, is as follows:

  1. Application forms along with prospectus may be obtained from school office as well as at SAME – Catholic Cathedral (office); MOSHI – Christian Bookshop (KKKT); Moshi Bookshop; the Catholic Cathedral (office); ARUSHA – St. Tereza Catholic Cathedral (office); Catholic Mission Burka; DAR ES SALAM – Msimbazi Centre Room No. 9, 12 and 16 for a prescribed amount towards the cost of the prospectus, between 15th July and 31st September of the year in which the admission is sought. The application form along with the profile card and identity card duly filled in should reach school office before 20th September. The entrance tests for Form I are generally held in the last week of September and the second exam will be conducted in the first week of October of each year. The written test for Form I will be on General English, Science and Mathematics. The provisional admission to qualified students in the test is subject to the performance in the oral test and medical examination.
  2. The right to call an applicant for test/interview is rests completely on the discretion of the school authorities.
  3. Before a pupil can be enrolled, the enrolment form and other prescribed necessary papers must be completed by the parents or guardian.
  4. All newly admitted students shall be on observation for a period of one year during which he can be asked to leave, if found unsuitable for the school. The decision of the school in this matter shall be final.
  5. Students can be removed from the school roll by the school authorities on any one of the following grounds:-
    1. Consistent academic weakness.
    2. Indiscipline.
    3. Any other grave reason as per the discretion of the Management.

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