School Emblem

Shool Emblem

a) The OUTER RING is a symbol of perfection to motivate the students to strive towards excellence.

b) The SHINING STAR reminds us that each one is meant to shine like a Star by discovering once God given talents and abilities and to become competent in facing the world.?

c) The CROSS reminds us about Jesus our Master and Guide and the virtues of sacrifice, self less love for humanity, peace, service and life everlasting.

d) The OPEN BOOK points to an acquainted source of knowledge?.

e) The YEAR 2014 is the year in which the School was launched in Mwanga District, Tanzania, East Africa.


        i. The GOLD Colour symbolizes: God’s Power; His Glory; Presence of God Wisdom.
        ii. The BLUE Colour symbolizes: Hope; Healing; Grace; Freedom; Truth; Holy Spirit & Anointing.
        iii. The WHITE Colour symbolizes: Purity; Light; Festivity; Salt; Holiness; Totality of God.
        iv. The GREEN Colour symbolizes: Growth; New beginnings; Prosperity; Vigor; Freshness; Eternal life.

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