Our Dream & Commitment

It is Our Dream and Commitment to enable the growth of global citizens – Individuals with self-confidence who are able to contribute to community life, building tolerance & accountability and able to deal with emotional and spiritual quotients. It is our dream to see a Student with Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Social and Moral Values, Personality Development, Physical and Psychosocial capabilities, which are successfully attained through professional coaching in sports, creative and personality enhancement pursuits.

Imparting education is not a mundane process that is limited merely to the use of chalk and blackboard. At St Joseph, we do not want teachers to simply pass on knowledge and facts to the students. But we want our teachers to teach them to logically think and reason, ask questions, discover, develop, encourage logical reasoning and independent problem solving skills in the students and to develop care and concern for fellow beings. We shall foster the ability to execute every task entrusted to them efficiently, responsibly and with dedication.

The basic 5 qualities we seek and aim to develop in a teacher are:
              Connectivity and

Trusting in the providence of God and the generosity of people of good will, we march ahead with an ultimate aim of building the Nation and the World at large, where Peace and Harmony prevail!

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