St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School

P. O. BOX 113, Kituri, Mwanga District, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

The arrival of the priests of the Society of Mangalore Africa Mission has opened a new chapter in the history of Kifaru parish.  They are very committed and come down to the level of common people.  Within a span of two years, they have launched various programs for the all-round development of the parish including spiritual, socio-economical and educational.

The parish has become vibrant with various activities, with children, youth and adults playing their due role in the church.  The launching of St.Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School is a welcome step and it strives to give quality education combined with basic human values.  

I wish and pray that all the works started by the priests would be blessed by the Lord and there will be a positive change in this region.

Mrs Leonard Laghua

Retired Headmistress


St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School is a unique venture in forming the citizens of Tanzania.  It  opens new horizons towards leading our     children towards a bright future.  I congratulate and pray  God’s  blessings upon the management, staff and students of the school.

Sr. Edilburga

Ursuline Franciscan






Quality education is a key of development to any society. The only way towards quality of education is to create conducive environment for learning including good and appropriate infrastructure, teaching/learning materials etc. St Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School is a right step in this direction and we all should support this venture  wholeheartedly.

Mr. Richard Joachim

Chef Educational Inspector,  Mwanga District

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