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It has been exactly 856 days of our first touchdown on the soil of Africa at Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa and the rest is history!  Heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to Jesus our Lord.  I am happy to pen this message on the occasion of the formal inauguration of St Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School, on 21st March 2015. 

Our stride with Lord Jesus, through the Mangalore-Africa Mission (Same Mission) in the remote arid area of the Catholic Diocese of Same is certainly a challenge.  In the first year of its existence the Mission started St Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School in response to the felt need of Science Education for boys in Tanzania. A report by UNESCO Needs Assessment Study of Tanzania’s Science Education, states that “the current Tanzanian educational system has a wide discrepancy between the knowledge, skills and competencies that school graduates have and the needs of society’. According to the Tanzania Vision 2025 plan, ‘Education should be treated as a strategic agent of mind-set transformation and for the creation of a well-educated nation, sufficiently equipped with the knowledge needed to completely solve the development challenges which face the nation’ (URT, 2000).

There is a noble task ahead of us and I would like to emphasize that this is a collaborative venture.   We urge the support and accompaniment, of parents, teachers and philanthropists to build and promote the school to achieve the Vision 2025 of the nation.

I would like to thank His Excellency Aloysius P. D’ Souza, Bishop of Mangalore and His Excellency Rogath Kimaryo, Bishop of Same, for their consistence guidance and blessings. I thank all the Prayer Partners, Priests, Sisters and Lay Faithful of Catholic Diocese Mangalore for their unceasing prayers and generous scarifies for ‘Same mission’.  Last but not least it is the untiring dedicated service of our wonderful Mission Team (Frs. Ronald, Victor, Hilary & Bro. Steeven) is the driving force behind the progress in this last two years.  May St Joseph our Parton bless and accompany us in our Lord’s Mission.

Fr. Alwyn M.J. D’ Souza

Manager, St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School 


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