St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School

P. O. BOX 113, Kituri, Mwanga District, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Date: 27.09.2019
Place: St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School, Kituri

On Friday 27th of September 2019 Dr. Freddie Acosta PhD. Senior Lecturer - Technology and Innovation Management, Strathmore Business School, Nairobi, Kenya took the session on the topic of technology and innovation management for the students of St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School. He was on the visit to SMAM Tanzania for the 2 days seminar on EM technology & Organic Farming. Mission superior Rev. Fr. Alwyn M. J. D’Souza introduced Dr. Acosta & school headmaster Rev. Fr. Victor Machado welcomed him.

During the session he explained the students how the technology is helping to realize the new ideas and to innovate new things. He also expressed how can technology can help in agriculture and what are the opportunities available for the new generation in the field of agriculture. He said being an agriculture based country and you being studying in a science school and students with technical and scientific knowledge; you have ample of opportunities in forth coming days. During the session students were allowed to ask the questions. It was a resourceful interaction and session, at the end school head boy Silvano thanked the resource person.

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